28 mai 2009

Mea culpa!

Ma simt penibil si extrem de rusinata...
Incercam sa dau lectii de limba romana pe un blog...

Cineva a scris urmatorul text:

"totul a pornit ca un super articol si mocanii astia de albanezi sau (1) incalzit cu nationalismu (2) si/sau regionalismu (3) lor puternic.BAAAA!!! era vorba de caterinca, oricum soferi tampiti si inceti si care (7) nu respecte regulile (4) sunt peste tot. poate omu care a scris asta a trait experienta asta la un moment dat si i sa parut funny sa scrie despre ea. ma mir ca albanezii sau (5) aprins asa repede ca din fire sunt mai molcomi. Da pai undei (6) graba!!!"

Si insemnarile mele:

(1) & (5) Era o cratima acolo!
(2) & (3) lipseste “l” sau macar un apostrof…
(4) se scrie cu “r” (regurile)

(6) iar amarata de cratima!!! (unde-i)
(7) ?!?! mananci cuvinte.…
Deja m-am plictisit de corectat…
Trec cu vederea litera mica de la inceputul fiecarei propozitii…
Bine ca limba romana nu are legatura cu sofatul… Dezastros!

Da, (4) nu trebuia sa existe!
Mi se parea ca fiecare cuvant ascunde o greseala... Iar "regulile, regulile, regulile... re-gu-li-leeeee" :((


27 mai 2009

Song of the day

Green day



Bea o cafea cu mine si mananca un Kinder bueno!

25 mai 2009

To know I'm alive

Do you dream, that the world will know your name
So tell me your name
Do you care, about all the little things or anything at all?
I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside I wanna feel
I wanna sunburn, just to know that I'm alive
To know I'm alive


23 mai 2009



14 mai 2009


13 mai 2009


Want a skyscraper but suffer from a really bad case of acrophobia? Then Japan's Depthscraper from 1931 is the ticket. It's allegedly "earthquake proof" and even has real sunlight beamed in courtesy of a dirty great mirror.
That is, until someone decides to build a proper skyscraper across the way.

New York 2032

Look at this prediction of a future New York City from 1932. On the lower centre of the painting you can see a very small Empire State Building, which was clearly preserved by the City Fathers to merely provide scale. The building across the road is at least twice as tall and four by six city blocks wide. The one behind it is even taller. Heck, the ornamental carvings holding up the clock are nearly as tall as the Empire State Building! You'll also notice that not only are there sky bridges to keep the proles off the ground and aerodromes on top of various buildings, but one has a hanger big enough to hold several zeppelins!

These people weren't thinking of buildings as buildings, but as little self-contained cities where people would live out their lives for weeks at a time without ever approaching the ground.

Nature - Vidra